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BlissInternet is an email software application program for the creation and exchange of email messages containing Blissymbols. Through BlissInternet, the Internet is providing Blissymbol users the opportunity for new achievements and a way to make their lives more meaningful by sharing with and teaching others their unique way of communicating.

Who Can Use BlissInternet?

This is the symbol for people

People of all ages around the world…

Blissymbolics Communication International first introduced BlissInternet to school children. In the four pilot schools in which BlissInternet was introduced for children in grades 3 to 8, the secret code aspect of Blissymbols was very exciting.

At the Bliss Learning Center in Bala, Muskoka, BlissInternet education and usage is a core activity.

The next populations for whom BlissInternet is planned are seniors and patients in chronic care facilities and nursing homes. The expertise that Blissymbol specialists have developed in working with persons with physical disabilities can be of great help to persons who are losing some of their dexterity due to aging or progressive diseases. The specialized access to the computer made possible with BlissInternet and its accompanying programs can be of benefit to many persons besides those with SSPI.

BlissInternet System Requirements


To run BlissInternet, you will require a minimum of:

For Bliss users who need a special keyboard interface, WiViK, SAW, or a similar Windows access program is required.

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