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Blissymbolics Communication Institute - Canada (BCIC) was established in response to the need for an adapted educational approach. Our approach is designed to meet the literacy and communication needs of individuals throughout Ontario who are non-speaking and have cerebral palsy.

Virtual Classroom

Our program consists of a Virtual Classroom, which is available to students in their respective homes or in Satellite Classrooms. Class Lessons are broadcast monthly to our students and are accompanied by group lessons and individualized homework that are posted on our BCIC Classroom website.

Facilitators attend monthly training and preparation seminars prior to each Class Lesson to enable them to function both as communication partners and tutors. Supported by our AAC technologist, the site facilitators work closely with our instructors so they can support students in meeting their personal objectives within lessons planned to support advancement in literacy and communication competencies.


Our curriculum is individualized within two 'umbrella' streams: Blissymbolics and Print. Students are assigned within these streams based on their interest and skill level. Some students choose to participate in both streams.

They can decide their level of participation: they can (a) register and participate fully in class groups and complete individualized homework assignments, that will be reviewed by their instructor; or (b) audit the lessons without additional commitment. This approach enables students to advance their communication and literacy skills in the manner best suited to their individual life situations. Whichever stream they follow, their lessons will be enriched by the language features of Blissymbolics.

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