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In 1971, Blissymbolics (Bliss) was adapted from a universal language system (C. K. Bliss' Semantography) to a method enabling instructors to teach language to individuals lacking functional speech. Since 1971, some students have retained Blissymbols as their primary means of communication (via a Bliss-board or voice-output device) while others have used Bliss as the foundation upon which they have built their move to print and consequent literacy.

The goal for every student and our organization is to facilitate the highest level of written communication for persons who are non-speaking.

The intervening decades have boasted great technological advancements and with them, Blissymbols have become easier to access and implement. Blissymbols may be put on voice-output devices, in reference books, email, websites, etc. For those who cannot assimilate phonetically based languages, Bliss has become a powerful and accessible tool. Our project has sought and implemented both the strengths of Bliss as a tool for communication and the internet as a reasonably accessible and inexpensive medium within which to share a love of language and the complex interactions that it affords.


An individual graphic symbol (ideograph)

Blissymbol for 'Person.' Plural Indicator Blissymbol for 'Pencil' Action Indicator


plural indicator


action indicator


Represents a concept or meaning and is spelled using a sequence of one or more bliss-characters

Blissymbol for 'Persons' Blissymbol for 'Give' Blissymbol for 'Get' Blissymbol for 'Teacher' Blissymbol for 'Student'






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