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An Organization for Persons with Disabilities
who Communicate in Different Ways

AAC Links

These listings range from consumer and professional organizations through research and development groups.  SD knows that there are a lot more grass-roots organizations out there. Let us know about yours and we’ll add it to our lisings.

Help us keep this list up-to-date and accurate. If you find a bad link or know of a new listing, please contact webmaster paulmarshall@cogeco.ca

AAC University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Barkley Center  aac.unl.ed
AAC Institute    www.aacinstitute.org
AAC-RERC  www.aac-rerc.com

bleData   www.abledata.com
Augmentative Communication Community Partnership - Canada www.accpc.ca
Adaptive Communication Technologies Lab - ACTLAB  www.columbia.edu/~jw2020/lab_index.htm
Applied Science and Engineering Laboratories www.asel.udel.edu
American Sign Language Browser commtechlab.msu.edu/sites/aslweb
AssistiveX www.assistivex.com/public
Blissymbolics Communication International www.blissymbols.org
Blissymbolics Learning Centre Muskoka www.blissinmuskoka.org
Bobby web page testing bobby.watchfire.com/bobby
Calendar of Events in Disability,
Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology
Closing the Gap  www.closingthegap.com

Enable Link www.enablelink.org
Hamilton Wentworth Communication Collective    www.pages.istar.ca/~marshall/HWCC

tional Association for Augmentative and Alternative Communication - ISAAC       www.isaac-online.org

earch Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North American RESNA       www.resna.org
New Brunswick Easter Seal March of Dimes        www.nbeastersealmarchofdimes.ca
Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center on Communication Enhancement        www.aac-rerc.com
Sign Writing www.signwriting.org
Society for Accessible Transportation and Hospitality www.sath.org
Simcoe County Association for the Physically Disabled www.scapd.on.ca
Speaking Differently www.speakingdifferently.org
Speech Research Lab  A. I. duPont Hospital and University of Delaware www.asel.udel.edu/speech
Speechville.com www.speechville.com
TASH  www.tash.org
Trace Research and Development Centre www.tracecenter.org
United States Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication - USSAAC www.ussaac.org